Why Fall Fundraiser Ideas Are Turning Green for Schools

A viable option to the big fall shopper

Fundraiser products can serve more than one purpose. They can help the environment while making a good profit for schools at the same time. These 2 goals can work together.

Communities should be supporting groups that are attempting to sell eco-friendly products. More groups are now demanding fall fundraiser ideas that offer a unique twist. Competition is fierce and we’re dealing with a crowded market with a lot of ‘me-too’ products. Communities want something different so groups are looking to carve out a new niche.

But there’s a reason so many groups still sell the same products. Schools don’t like change unless they have a compelling reason to look elsewhere. As long as they feel something is working, they’re less likely to change. Familiarity often breeds complacency. Plus, buyers know what to expect and will usually make a repeat purchase.

Fundraisers that claim to be good for the environment are definitely a bonus. But this doesn’t always translate into more sales. People still buy products for their primary purpose. Schools prefer doing a cookie dough fundraiser because of the demand for the product. The bottom line is money.

Yet, many groups need to carve out a niche for themselves. There’s too much competition from groups selling the same type of product. They can go down a new path by promoting the importance of environmental awareness. If successful, they will create demand. Many groups are thus stepping outside the box and offering these types of programs.

School districts are also applying pressure on groups to offer alternatives. Popular selling items like candy and chocolates are falling under increased scrutiny. Some areas even place rules on fundraisers based on nutritional value.

As long as the product offers nutritional value schools can promote it to their students. Schools must either comply or sell something else.

Green Fall Fundraiser Ideas

One group type that appears to be welcoming green fundraisers are high schools. These groups are more likely to choose a brochure that focuses on one theme as opposed to a huge variety of items. This is in direct contrast to elementary schools. They tend to favor the large fall shoppers with lots of wrapping paper, novelty gifts and candy.

Smaller groups are apt to pick fundraising ideas that are trendier, unique, and easier to sell. High school students can offer something distinctive that doesn’t compete with other groups.

Flower bulbs are one example of a friendly green program that has caught on in many communities. Curb appeal is a hot button with property owners. Nothing provides better landscape than an arrangement of colorful flowers and plants. This is one of the things that makes this type of fundraiser very practical.

Buyer Tendencies by Age

When choosing a fundraiser, it’s important to look at the breakdown by age for your community. Which age group is more likely to buy flower and plant products? Age and sex appear to make all the difference when making a purchase.

For instance, 14 percent of the U.S. population is more than 65 years old. You might expect older retired people to spend more time out in the garden. But they’re not doing as much gardening as they used to, and spending less on plants as a result.

It turns out that HGTV is the No. 1 cable network with upscale women in the 25-54 age group. If you happen to live in this type of community, you may be in luck.

Furthermore, 61% of millennials pay more to buy eco-friendly or sustainable products. This compares to 55% of Generation X and only 46% of baby boomers. But, once Generation Z (16-21 age group) starts to flourish, they may surpass the millennials.

Other Fall Fundraiser Groups

Sports teams and cheerleader squads have also embraced non-food alternatives, like flowers.

Smaller high school groups are moving towards green fundraisers faster than other groups. It could be because many of these Gen Zer’s are making the fundraising decisions.

Finding great fall fundraiser ideas, relies on properly targeting your audience. You must have receptive buyers if you hope to make money.

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