Things To Do At East Beach Santa Barbara


Santa Barbara’s East Beach is home to a rich history and a beautiful beach that is the perfect place to spend a day relaxing in the sun. The East Beach parking lot is located at the end of State Street, between Milpas and Hollister. Parking is $10/car on weekdays and $15 on weekends and holidays, and $20 on special events. From the parking lot, you can walk down to the beach or continue across the street and stroll along the harbor.

Stearns Wharf

This is a great place to stroll and take in the breathtaking views of the Santa Barbara coast. Built by the Works Progress Administration, Stearns Wharf stretches from the Stearns pier to the Santa Barbara Harbor. In the late 19th century before it was finished, a storm destroyed the wharf and it remained a project for decades. It wasn’t until 1947 that the wharf was finally completed. The white structure at the end of the wharf was once a hotel. This hotel is no longer operating and is currently the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. This museum is a unique one that has exhibits that include shipwrecks, maritime art, and maritime history. Source: Things to do in Santa barbara

Pier Santa Barbara

Pier Santa Barbara is one of the most photographed spots in Santa Barbara because of its beautiful location at the end of East Beach. The pier looks out over the Pacific Ocean with the Channel Islands hovering in the distance. If you love photography, it’s a great place to go during sunset. The pier is made of concrete and wood and it stretches out over the ocean. It’s a fun place for fishermen to hang out, and you may even spot some seals and sea lions in the waters around it. Pier Santa Barbara is located at the end of East Beach in Santa Barbara. You can get there by taking Highway 101 and turning on the East Beach exit. The pier is within walking distance of downtown Santa Barbara.

Shoreline Park

Shoreline Park is a place where you can spend a day at the beach without taking on the crowds or high prices of downtown Santa Barbara. The shoreline is the perfect spot for a picnic with the family, or for a romantic retreat where you can watch the sunset. You can also bring your dog to Shoreline Park, and even though the beach is low-key, it’s still a great place to work on your tan or go for a swim. The park also has a lot of attractions for kids. There is a playground with swings, as well as a basketball court and a skateboard park. However, the natural surroundings make this park a magical spot for adults to enjoy as well.

1000 Steps Beach

Located in the Santa Barbara City of Goleta, a small beach community in the southern part of the state. East Beach is a popular hangout for locals, especially during the day because of its numerous festivals and events. But few people know that East Beach also has a nighttime ambiance that is just as peaceful and fun as the daytime. Supporting sentences: The waves roll in and wash the shore in a rhythmic, calming pattern. The half-moon in the sky glistens on the ocean’s surface, releasing a cool, soothing light that gives the beach a peaceful glow. The wind picks up and blows through the branches of the trees, awakening the wildlife and filling the air with the sounds of rustling

Chase Palm Park

Chase Palm Park is a hidden gem hiding among the high-end modern beach homes of Santa Barbara’s East Beach. It is hidden beyond a set of stairs just off of Las Canovas Rd, right next to the entrance to the beach. There are a few palm trees, some grass, and a beautiful view of the ocean. What makes this place special is the sense of seclusion it gives. It is a perfect spot for a picnic with friends or a romantic date. Each of the stairs leading to the park has a charming view of the ocean and the surrounding homes. The park is perfect for taking photos with a loved one.

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