The Unique Series 7 Chair

The series 7 chair which is also known as the 3107 is more commonly known by the more descriptive name of the butterfly chair. This iconic piece of attractive yet functional furniture was designed back in 1955 by the legendary designer Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen who produced it to world acclaim. Its popularity has continued to grow and grow throughout the years since then appealing to people of all generations.

The world wide appeal of the series 7 chair arises from the simplicity of its design; it is made or constructed from a single piece of plywood that is bent shaped and moulded for extreme comfort and which is mounted on straight functional mirrored chrome legs. This beautiful yet simple designer chair first became iconic after the worldwide publication of Lewis Morley’s provocative photo of Christine Keeler sitting across it naked.

From its original concept the range of finishes has now significantly extended to include almost every colour imaginable. In addition there is now a range of leather series 7 butterfly 3107 chairs available. Not only is the series 7 chair lightweight and easy to handle but it is also stackable, providing an ideal answer where space is a limited option. As such it provides an ideal solution to those living in apartments, flats or terrace houses whilst still appealing to those situations where they can be left on display as designer statements in their own right.

Even in this modern age the 1955 series 7 chair has a very contemporary feel about it and so is extremely versatile in its uses. Being multifunctional it is equally at home whether being used in cafes, restaurants, conservatories and for more formal dining. It has also been the choice in many instances for changing rooms, waiting rooms, adverts, films and even board rooms. In recent years the range of these wonderful and adaptable designer chairs has even extended to include a selection of miniature chairs or kids series 7 chairs for use in bedrooms, playrooms as well as for dining. These chairs are made to the same exact standard as the original and with the same colour options to brighten up any child’s room. This versatile chair is not only suitable for a multitude of situations but also sits comfortably whatever the décor from traditional right through to the ultra modern- a testament to the original design and genius of Arne Jacobsen.


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