Rice with Poultry Meat

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Problem: 2/5

Time needed: up to 1 hr

I prepare this meal quite often, specifically when I do not have excessive time or I’m also careless. Recipe is easy and also completion result is tasty. And also typically I do not need to hurry to the grocery store because all I need is frequently already in your home.

Components (for 4 individuals):.

– 500 ml rice (I favor parboiled one).

– 1,2 l poultry soup or bullion.

– 1 middle sized onion.

– 4 husks of garlic.

– 300 g hen meat (fillet from chests or back).

– oil (I choose olive oil).

– flavors (depends on your taste – I would certainly recommend curry, parsley, 2 fallen leaves of bay).


– make hen soup or bullion. I do not complicate so I utilize 2 hen soup cubes. Place it to boil.

– in the meantime peel the onion and also suffice to small items.

– peel garlic, too.

– in a pot (app. 2 L), placed some oil, warmth it, put the onion and also fry it until it gets glassy look.

– while you are frying the onion, chop hen meat into small items.

– when the onion is fried, put the meat in the pot and also fry it (do not forget to blend).

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– prior to adding rice, cut garlic in small items and also put it in the pot to fry just ta little bit (to really feel the scent of it).

– after that put the rice in the pot as well as fry it simply a little bit.

– put the chicken soup in the pot, mix and add the flavors.

– cover the pot, steam whatever and then reduced the warmth. The soup has to steam simply a little bit. Leave the pot covered.

– normally do not mix anymore. After app. 30 min (sign in between) the rice ought to saturate mostly all the soup and ought to be cooked. If it’s not, simply include some hot water. Turn off the heat, placed the pot apart and also leave it covered for about 10 min, so that tastes spread around the pot as well as the rice relaxes.

– serve it with some parmesan chees as well as white wine.

Buon appetite!



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